Robot venture ZMP (President Tsune Taniguchi, Tokyo) has begun accepting orders for robot cars equipped with the open source software "Autoware" for autonomous driving systems at Nagoya University for autonomous driving technology developers.Autoware is equipped with basic functions of automatic driving such as recognition of cars, pedestrians, lanes, and 3D position estimation of own vehicle, and it is rare in the world that software for automatic driving systems is made open software, and it is automatic. Expectations are likely to rise for promoting the development of driving technology.

The robot car is equipped with environmental sensors such as cameras on ZMP's autonomous driving technology development platform for hybrid vehicles, and by implementing auto wear, it recognizes the position of the own vehicle, people, other vehicles and other surrounding objects. , You can drive autonomously on the route given by the car navigation system.

ZMP will be delivered as an automatic driving system experimental vehicle after selecting sensors, mounting them on vehicles, installing autowear and adjusting settings, and conducting driving tests on a test course.At the same time, we also provide technical support services to support the research and development of smooth autonomous driving technology.The price is from 1,780 million yen excluding tax for the basic package.

Autoware's automatic driving system is a mechanism that estimates your position by comparing the surrounding environment read by a 3D laser scanner with a 3D map and runs.Although there is room for improvement in measures against adverse conditions such as snow, it is said that autonomous driving is still possible at this stage.

Source:[ZMP Inc.] ZMP launches sales of robot car equipped with open source software for autonomous driving system of Nagoya University (PDF)

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