In a joint research with Benesse Corporation, Professor Ichiji Nishikawa and Professor Takashi Kusumi of the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University investigated the influence of the coherence and patience of the interests of high school students on the transition of the scores of university entrance exams. It was found that the more patient the students were, the higher the score level was, and the score increased in three years.

 According to Kyoto University, the research group followed up the personalities of 6 high school students from the six top-preparatory schools in Japan and the scores of university entrance exams over a three-year period, and analyzed the results.

 As a result, it became clear that the students with strong patience basically had high score levels, and their scores improved a little in three years.Consistency of interest, on the other hand, could not be found to be associated with score levels or changes in scores.

 The word grit, which translates to the power to go through, is gaining attention in the educational world.Grit has two aspects: coherence of interest and patience, and it has been found that students with high grit show high academic performance, but it has not been clarified how these two aspects relate to it.

 The research group reiterated that the strength of patience is important for improving academic performance from the survey results, but it seems that there are some aspects that cannot be said unconditionally as "the higher the grit is."

Paper information:[Personality and Individual Differences] The effect of two aspects of grit on developmental change in high school students' academic performance: Findings from a five-wave longitudinal study over the course of three years

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