The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has compiled the "2016 edition of the actual situation of working women."According to the report, among the new graduates employed in March 2016, females had the highest percentage of university graduates, a record high.The fields of "medical care and welfare" accounted for the largest number of employment for both university graduates and junior college graduates.

 Of the female new graduates, 20 are university graduates and 6,020 are junior college graduates.Compared to the previous year, the number of university graduates increased by 4, a record high, but the number of junior college graduates decreased by 1,692.The composition ratio by educational background is 4,632%, which is 1,042 points higher than the previous year for university graduates.Junior college graduates fell 0.8 points to 63.8%.

 The ratio of employment among all female university graduates was 80.7%, an increase of 2.2 points from the previous year.The percentage of junior college graduates is 1.2%, 81.2 points higher than the previous year.Both reflect the seller market and the proportion of employment is increasing.

 University graduates are employed in "medical care and welfare" 19.5%, "wholesale and retail" 15,2%, "finance and insurance" 10.7%, "education and learning support" 9.8%, "manufacturing" 8.6 In order of%.Junior college graduates are followed by "medical care and welfare" at 47.5%, "education and learning support" at 15.9%, and "wholesale and retail" at 10.6%.

 By occupation, university graduates were the most "professional / technical workers" at 37.3%, followed by "office workers" at 32.2% and "sales workers" at 20.6%.Among junior college graduates, "professional / technical workers" accounted for the largest number at 63.7%, "office workers" 16.1%, "service workers" 9.4%, and "sales workers" 9.3%.

reference:[Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare] Overview of measures for working women (PDF)

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