On February 2022, 2, the Institute for Social Safety Policy of Joban University invited three mayors in Ibaraki prefecture (Mayor Yasushi Takahashi, Mayor Takeshi Kandatsu, Mayor Tsukuba Igarashi) to the online symposium "New Corona Virus". The past and future of countermeasures ”was held.

 A new type of coronavirus infection that occurred at the end of 2019 and spread all over the world.Not only did Japan pose a great threat to the lives and health of its citizens, but it also caused great economic and social turmoil.At the symposium, the mayors of the municipalities, Mito City, Joso City, and Tsukuba City, who were at the forefront of dealing with citizens at Corona, talked about the struggles of the past two years.

 Mayor Takahashi of Mito City pointed out that the speed of information acquisition due to the jurisdiction of the health center as a core city was a merit, but on the other hand, reported that it was extremely difficult to manage personnel due to the enormous amount of work. did.

 The mayor of Joso City, Goda, pointed out that he considered the diversity of citizens, especially dealing with foreign residents, and made use of his experience in past floods and used various networks in the city. Reported on the support.

 Mayor Igarashi of Tsukuba City pointed out the difficulty of providing information to citizens and risk communication in an emergency, and as a characteristic of the city, there are many commuting to work and school outside the city, and various means and channels. Reported that information was transmitted to the citizens using.

 Infection by the Omicron strain has spread nationwide, and the situation is still unpredictable, but the knowledge and experience that the government has accumulated through trial and error in dealing with it with all its might gives suggestions for future measures against coronavirus, which is meaningful. It was a symposium.

Reference: [Tokiwa University] Institute for Social Safety Policy held a symposium 

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