Kobe University, Hyogo College of Medicine, and Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. will hold a family-friendly medical and health event "I see, medical experience! HANSHIN Health Messe" from March 2022, 3 (Friday) to April 11, 2022 (Sunday). To hold. Since the first event in 10, it is a very popular event that attracts more than 2016 people every year, and this year it is scheduled to be held mainly online, with some hands-on experience.

 This event will be held in Osaka Umeda from 2016 by Kobe University and Hyogo College of Medicine, which are working to provide safe and high-quality medical care between Hanshinkan, and Hanshin Electric Railway, which aims to revitalize the railway lines by contributing to the health promotion of residents along the railway lines. It's being held.This time, we will focus on the "online event, which will be held for the first time in about two years, for the fifth time," and will also hold some "experience-based real events."At the online event, contents such as surgical videos using the latest technology, commentary videos by researchers of the new coronavirus, and experimental videos that parents and children can enjoy are prepared, and will be released on the special site from March 2, 2022.

 There are two types of hands-on real events, a "health experience event" and a "health quiz rally around the railway lines". The "health experience event" carries out blood vessel age measurement, skin age measurement, muscle strength balance check, etc. at three locations along the railway line, participation is free, and advance reservations are not required. The "Health Quiz Rally" is a stamp rally event where you can answer quizzes about health while walking around facilities along the Hanshin Line and collect stamps digitally.If you have a smartphone, you can access the dedicated site and anyone can participate in the event.

reference:[Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.] National University Corporation Kobe University x School Corporation Hyogo College of Medicine x Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd. A family-friendly medical and health event that attracts more than XNUMX visitors every year. HANSHIN Health Messe This year, it will be held online (partially hands-on real) !! (PDF)

Kobe University

To an outstanding research university that shines with advanced research and fusion research

Kobe University, which is located in a port city open to the world, has 4 faculties and 10 faculties under the 15 university arts series of "humanities / human sciences", "social sciences", "natural sciences", and "life / medical sciences". It is a comprehensive university with a graduate school, one research institute and many centers. Based on the philosophy of "harmony between science and reality," we have strengths in both the humanities and science fields […]

Hyogo College of Medicine

In April 2022, to the new "Hyogo College of Medicine" with 4 faculties of medicine, medicine, nursing, and rehabilitation.

Hyogo College of Medicine opened the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Faculty of Nursing, and the Faculty of Rehabilitation in April 50, which is the 2022th anniversary of the school's opening.As one of the leading medical universities in western Japan, we will deepen exchanges between "Faculty of Medicine," "Faculty of Pharmacy," "Faculty of Nursing," and "Faculty of Rehabilitation," and further enhance multidisciplinary collaboration (team medical care).quality[…]

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