The University of Tokyo Matsuo Research Institute (Associate Professor Yutaka Matsuo) * and WACUL Co., Ltd. announced that they will collaborate on research and development related to Web optimization using artificial intelligence.
 The Matsuo Laboratory of the University of Tokyo is the highest artificial intelligence research institute in Japan.In addition to research on artificial intelligence (AI) centered on a technology called deep learning that has a structure that imitates the human brain and can acquire representations of abstract data, construction of web services using artificial intelligence We also conduct data analysis and joint research with companies that utilize the accumulated big data that sleeps in companies.

 WACUL Co., Ltd. is a venture company established in 2010 that develops web consulting business, etc. From April 2015, AI Analyst, an artificial intelligence analysis service that can automatically analyze website data, discover issues, and propose improvements. Is provided.

 This time, by collaborating on research on the Web using artificial intelligence, WACUL will work with the cooperation of Matsuo Laboratory to improve the analysis and problem finding accuracy of "AI analysts", and also Matsuo Laboratory. Aims to advance research on big data analysis and Web optimization by conducting research and development using data analyzed by "AI analysts".Through this joint research, Matsuo Laboratory and WACUL aim to develop artificial intelligence that is effective in optimizing the Web.

* The University of Tokyo Matsuo Laboratory (Director: Yutaka Matsuo) is a person search service "That Person Search Spicy" that allows you to know the connections and profiles of people. We are creating new web services by collecting data on the web and conducting network analysis, such as the "Asia Trend Map" that predicts from the usage status of Tokyo and Wikipedia.

Source:[WACUL Co., Ltd.] The University of Tokyo Matsuo Laboratory and WACUL, an artificial intelligence venture, jointly research and aim to develop artificial intelligence for website optimization.

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