At Sophia University, a new pre-admission preparatory course "Learn to learn" will start in 2022.The first year will be delivered on demand from March 2022th to about 4 students enrolled in April 2800.

 From 2022, Sophia University is designed so that all students from the introduction level to the application can study throughout the four years by coordinating the three subjects of university-wide common subjects, language subjects, and specialized subjects of the undergraduate department until the upper grades.

 "Learn to learn" was established as a pre-admission preparatory course for the new curriculum.It focuses on the points for understanding the mechanism of learning at the university and designing the learning for the four years after enrollment.Students will raise their awareness as Sophia University by submitting quizzes and small reports for each unit, and at the same time, deepen their understanding of what they have learned at Sophia University.

 In "Learn to learn", you will touch on the roots and educational spirit behind learning at Sophia University, understand the characteristics of learning at Sophia University, and raise awareness as an autonomous learner.In addition, the contents explain how to study at the university and the characteristics of the curriculum in an easy-to-understand manner, and the contents can give a more concrete image of learning after enrollment, including the experiences of senior students.

 In addition, we have prepared content to think about future goals from the perspective of career development after graduation.You will be able to deepen your understanding of designing your own learning, such as study plans and course methods for future goals. Encourage them to go.

reference:[Sophia University] Pre-admission preparatory course "Learn to learn" to become a Sophia student from successful applicants started in April 2022 for new students

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