In Saitama Prefecture, we will start applying for the "Saitama Prefecture Doctor Training Scholarship" from July 2016, 4 for those who are from the prefecture who will go on to university medical school outside the prefecture in April 2015.

 Every year, more than 200 students go on to university medical school outside the prefecture from high schools in Saitama prefecture.This system was introduced in 2012 to support motivated medical students who want to contribute to regional medical care in Saitama Prefecture as doctors in the future while studying outside the prefecture.Since the introduction of the system, the number of applicants has been increasing year by year, and there is a request to expand the recruitment quota, so the number of recruitment will be increased from 2014 in 15 to 2015 in 20.

Those who can apply for the scholarship system are those who live in the prefecture at the time of loan application, or who are expected to graduate or have graduated from a high school in the prefecture, and are willing to enroll in a medical course at a university outside the prefecture in 2016. After obtaining a doctor's license, those who meet all five conditions, such as the intention to work as a doctor at a public medical institution in a specific area of ​​the prefecture, are eligible.

Backing up people from Saitama prefecture who are going to medical school outside the prefecture with scholarships The scholarship will be lent up to 100 million yen for admission and 20 yen per month for up to 6 years until graduation from university.In addition, if you work as a doctor at a public medical institution in a specific area of ​​the prefecture for 1.5 times the loan period after obtaining a doctor's license, you will be exempted from returning the scholarship.

The application method is from July 2015th to August 7th, 7 (must arrive at 8:7), with the theme of application documents that can be downloaded from the prefecture homepage and "what kind of doctor you want to work in Saitama prefecture in the future". Submit your essay, etc. to the Saitama Medical Maintenance Division by mail or by bringing it with you.After the document screening, an interview screening will be held on September 17th only for those who have passed the document screening, and 15 loan candidates will be decided.However, if the loan candidate is not admitted to the medical course of a university outside the prefecture, he / she will be disqualified, and if he / she wishes to loan again, he / she will need to apply for the system again after 9.

Source:[Saitama Prefecture] Information on Saitama Prefecture Doctor Training Scholarships

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