The Research Institute for Natural Hazards and Reconstruction, Niigata University, with the cooperation of the University of Fukui, has released a database of large-scale vehicle stalling due to snow.Based on newspaper reports, the scale, location, and causes of large-scale stalling that occurred nationwide in the past are summarized.

 According to Niigata University, we are introducing a large-scale vehicle stuck due to snow that occurred nationwide from 2020 to 2021.You can search from a map of Japan or the name of a prefecture, and you can check the date and time of occurrence, location, route name, cause, type of vehicle stuck, scale of stuck, etc.The data is quoted from newspaper and television reports, materials released by road managers, and SNS information from the media.
It is limited to the cause of occurrence and snow-related matters such as snowfall and blizzards, and is not introduced as being stuck due to a traffic accident or a fallen tree.

 On the Hokkaido page, a total of 41 stuck cases were disclosed.Of these, on January 337, 1986, on National Highway No. 1 in Tobetsu Town, it was reported that about 14 vehicles were stranded due to poor visibility due to a snowstorm, citing a report from Asahi Shimbun.

 Information on 82 cases has been released in Niigata Prefecture.Of these, on December 18, 2005, on National Highway No. 12 in Myoko City, it was introduced based on an article in the Niigata Nippo that a large car without a chain got stuck in the mud and got stuck. There is.

reference:[Niigata University] "Vehicle retention event database due to snow" has been released (PDF)

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