A research group consisting of Assistant Professor Masaki Takeuchi, Specially Appointed Associate Professor Akira Meguro, and Chief Professor Nobuhisa Mizuki of Yokohama City University School of Medicine has collaborated with Kyorin University School of Medicine and Okada Eye Department of Yokohama City on the refractive value of the eye, which indicates the degree of myopia and myopia. A large-scale cohort survey was conducted to find out that it is necessary to work on myopia prevention from the time of elementary school.

 According to Yokohama City University, the research group visited Okada Ophthalmology from January 2000 to December 1, and targeted about 2012 eyes aged 12 to 5 who were able to follow up their refraction values ​​for 3 years. The secular change of was analyzed.

 As a result, myopia rapidly progressed after the age of 5 for both men and women, and the change in the refraction value tended to increase as the age increased after peaking at the age of 8.Looking at the progression of myopia by gender, female children were larger.The research group believes that girls tend to spend more time reading and doing homework than boys, while boys spend more time in outdoor activities due to differences in lifestyle.

 The progression of myopia continued slowly until the 20s, but at the age of 51, the refraction value shifted toward hyperopia in both men and women, and it was found that the progression of hyperopia in the elderly was greater in men than in women.

 The research group concludes that it is important to work on myopia prevention from elementary school because of the remarkable progression of myopia in elementary school.

Paper information:[Scientific Reports] Longitudinal analysis of 5-year longitudinal changes in a large Japanese population

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