From news release

From news release

 Ritsumeikan University and Elecom Co., Ltd. will jointly develop a BlueLED mouse "WINKS M-WK01DB series" equipped with an "idling stop function" and sell it from mid-September.

 The WINKS M-WK01DB series is a wireless microphone produced by Professor Takakuni Doseki, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University, and features an "idling stop function" as a new function.The idling stop function utilizes the power generation characteristics of the LED and uses a "normal off detection circuit" that can detect the presence or absence of generated power, eliminating the need to turn on / off the power of the wireless mouse.Therefore, the power turns on automatically just by holding the mouse, and turns off automatically when you release your hand.In addition, the power-saving design eliminates the need to replace batteries for about two years with two AAA batteries.

 A high-precision BlueLED is used for the sensor that reads the movement of the mouse, and light is reflected accurately even with small irregularities and dust, so the movement of glass surfaces, transparent sheets, carpets, etc., which conventional optical mice are not good at, It can be used even on materials that are difficult to distinguish.The mouse body is equipped with "Forward" and "Back" buttons, which is convenient for browsing web pages.A standard M size that fits comfortably in your hand with a symmetrical symmetry design that can be held in any way.There are three colors, black, red, and white.The price including tax is 3 yen, and the supported OS is Windows RT 5,735 / 8.1 / 8.1 / Vista, Mac OS X 7.

Source:[Elecom Co., Ltd.] Born through industry-academia collaborative development of "Ritsumeikan University x Elecom"!Released "WINKS", a mouse with an idling stop function that automatically turns on when you hold it and turns off when you release it.

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