Saitama Institute of Technology participated in the unmanned operation demonstration experiment of the amphibious ship "Yamba Nyagaten" conducted by the Nippon Foundation on March 2022, 3 at Lake Yamba Agatsuma.

 This demonstration experiment is part of the unmanned operation ship project "MEGURI 2040" promoted by the Nippon Foundation, and is the world's first demonstration of unmanned operation by an amphibious ship.The route tracking and avoidance systems developed in this project will contribute to the safe operation of ships, and if automatic operation by amphibious ships becomes practical in the future, in addition to technology diversion in the event of a disaster, Taking advantage of its amphibious characteristics, it can be expected to build a seamless logistics infrastructure for manned remote islands in Japan.

 Saitama Institute of Technology, as the only university, participated in the consortium of "Development of Amphibious Unmanned Driving Technology-Yamba Smart Mobility-" represented by ITbook Holdings Co., Ltd. together with Naganohara Town, Abit, and Japan Amphibious Vehicle Association. Has been developing.

 In joint research with ITbook Technology Co., Ltd., we developed an amphibious bus by automatic operation and operation, and designed and developed software and systems. As a result of this research, the amphibious ship "Yamba Nyaga" owned by Naganohara Town The "Ten-go" (total length 11.83m, total ton number 11 tons) entered the water from land, navigated on the water, avoided obstacles, and realized a series of automatic operations to land.

 Saitama Institute of Technology has built a system for unmanned vessels based on the technology cultivated in the development of autonomous buses and Autoware, which is open source autonomous driving software.As a result of these two years of joint research, we have set goals in the construction of position estimation and automatic operation technology for water landing and landing piers, technology for detecting and avoiding water obstacles, and remote control technology using local 2G, etc. Achieved.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Saitama Institute of Technology succeeds in developing the world's first unmanned operation and operation technology for amphibious vessels

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