Keio University (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Kenji Kumasaka Laboratory) and Tsukuruba Inc. announced that they will start joint research on business utilization of "data mining" in the lifestyle field.Kumasaka Laboratory is working on the development of IT services that enrich the way of living and living of users of the online market "cowcamo" * that handles used houses in Tokyo operated by Tsukuruba through industry-academia collaboration with Tsukuruba. increase.

 Data mining is a type of marketing method that analyzes a large amount of data accumulated in a company, such as credit card usage history and retail store sales data, and mines the customer needs hidden in it. It is about.
 Social culture through collaboration between Kumagai Laboratory, which collects various big data on networks such as Twitter and analyzes the lifestyles of modern society and people, and Tsukuruba, which is developing business in the lifestyle area. We aim to develop IT services that enrich people's lives by interpreting the phenomenon quantitatively and focusing on the recommendation function that provides products and services that suit each customer's taste.

* "Cowcamo" is an online market for used homes in Tokyo operated by Tsukuruba Inc.Together with the web magazine "cow camo magazine", it is a service that provides various support for people to meet their ideal way of life, such as choosing their ideal home, just like choosing their favorite clothes.

Source:[Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.] Started joint research with Tsukuruba and Keio University Kumasaka Laboratory on business utilization of data mining in the lifestyle field.Started developing IT services through industry-academia collaboration.

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