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On August 2015, 8, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced that it had approved the establishment of the "Faculty of Bioresources and Industry" that Tokushima University (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture) had applied for.Although Tokushima Prefecture is a region where agriculture is flourishing, there has never been the only agricultural university faculty in the Chugoku-Shikoku area.The department, which is scheduled to open in April 28, aims to develop human resources who will create new industries in the fields of agriculture, medical care, and food development.We are also working on "promotion of the sixth industrialization (* 2016)", which considers agriculture not only as a primary industry but also as an integrated industry including secondary industries such as processing and tertiary industries of services and sales. To go.

The department has a capacity of 100 people and has an "applied life course," "food science course," and "biological production system course."We aim to develop international human resources who can support various industries such as medicine, food, agriculture, and medicine.Assigned to each course from the first half of the second year depending on the wishes and grades of the individual.After graduation, we plan to assign teachers of agricultural economics so that we can choose a career path such as farming or entrepreneurship, and we will also focus on disseminating information such as a system to support young farmers.In addition, the university is developing a farm on prefectural land in Ishii Town, Tokushima Prefecture, and will focus on joint research and exchanges with the prefecture and local companies as a base for industry-academia-government collaboration.

 Susumu Kagawa, the president of the university, said, "In order to fulfill our mission as a national university that supports the region, we will make further efforts to develop human resources needed by the region and society," said Kamon Iizumi, the governor of the prefecture. I am very pleased that the faculty that trains the first human resources for the sixth industrialization in Japan has been approved. "


Source:[Tokushima University] Faculty of Bioresource Industry Department of Bioresource Industry The future created by the fusion of health, food and agri and biotechnology.

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In 2019, we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of our founding, and it is a comprehensive university with 6 faculties (faculty of science, medical school, dentistry, pharmacy, science and engineering, faculty of bioresource industry) and 2 campuses.Through a wide range of academic fields, we develop human resources who have a broad perspective, take a bird's-eye view of things, and are backed by high ethics and are rich in humanity.The whole university is united […]

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