Professor Shigeki Nakauchi of Toyohashi University of Technology and Makiya Co., Ltd. have jointly developed a device to quickly inspect microorganisms such as food poisoning bacteria.In the previous method, microorganisms were cultivated for about 1 day and then visually confirmed, but now they can be automatically inspected after culturing for about 3 to 4 hours.It is said that it can be used for pre-shipment inspection of food.This device is scheduled to be sold on a trial basis by Makiya Co., Ltd. in 2016.

Amid growing interest in food contamination and food safety and security, related companies are conducting various inspections.Above all, microbiological testing is very important to prevent food poisoning.Until now, it was confirmed by visually observing a mass of microorganisms (colony) formed by growing under specific conditions, but it takes about one day to form a colony of visible size. ..Therefore, establishing a faster inspection method has become an issue.

The method developed this time uses a fluorescent stain, which can detect colonies of invisible size.First, the food is crushed and filtered through a filter.Next, place this filter on agar for culturing microorganisms, incubate for about 3 to 4 hours, and then treat with a fluorescent stain.When the fluorescence emitted from the filter is photographed, both microorganisms and fine food particles are detected, but it has become possible to automatically identify these due to the difference in how the fluorescence weakens over time.In addition, stains are harmless to microorganisms and can be recultured for additional detailed examination.

To prevent food poisoning, it is important to prevent the contamination of microorganisms and to remove foods that have been contaminated.It is expected that the new inspection method will enable the previously difficult pre-shipment inspection to be performed at low cost and contribute to reducing the risk of food poisoning.

Source:[Toyohashi University of Technology] In the "Knowledge Hub Aichi" priority research project, we have developed a device that can quickly inspect microorganisms such as food poisoning bacteria (PDF).

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