Professor Shinichi Yamagiwa (System Information Systems), University of Tsukuba and Professor Hiroshi Sakamoto (Graduate School of Information Engineering), Kyushu Institute of Technology, have announced a new lossless data compression technology for the big data era * "LCA-DLT (Lowest Common Ancestor-) Dynamic Lookup Table) ”was co-developed.

From the press release

From the press release

 The newly developed compression technology "LCA-DLT" is a high-speed data compression technology that enables continuous compression and decryption without temporarily accumulating data transfers.In real time, data can be reduced to 1/10 the size, and communication speeds such as networks can be increased up to 10 times without changing transmission media such as copper wires and optical cables.With this technology, the communication performance and data storage capacity of devices that handle big data can be dramatically improved, and next-generation applications such as lifelogs *, which currently have the problem of handling huge amounts of data, can be compacted. Will be able to be implemented in.

 With this LCA-DLT technology, it is possible to significantly improve the amount of data transmission and transmission speed even with existing infrastructure, which can lead to cost reduction.In the future, it is expected to be applied to storage servers for "data centers" that store large amounts of data and wireless transmission of ultra-high-quality sound sources.

* Lossless data compression is a compression method in which compressed data is restored by decryption, and is also called lossless compression.On the other hand, image compression such as JPEG is called lossy compression and cannot be restored to the data before compression.
* Lifelog is a next-generation application that uses a wearable device to store information such as daily physical activities and behaviors, heartbeats and pulses as big data, and provides health management and lifestyle advice.

Source:[University of Tsukuba] Developed new lossless data compression technology for the big data era-High-speed stream data compression / decryption technology that can be compactly implemented in hardware-

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