Nagase Co., Ltd., which operates Toshin High School and Toshin Satellite Preparatory School, conducted a questionnaire survey of participants in the 2022 Toshin University of Tokyo Active Pass Congratulations (online).This time, we announced the results of a survey on the relationships with parents that are common to successful applicants at the University of Tokyo.384 valid responses.

 When asked "yes" or "no" about their relationship with their parents, the number of successful applicants at the University of Tokyo who were often asked to "study" was 2% in the 2022 survey, which is a minority.This result is almost the same every year, but it has been on a downward trend since 16.7.It can be seen that the majority of successful applicants at the University of Tokyo voluntarily worked on their studies.

 Next, 86.0% of successful applicants from the University of Tokyo answered "yes" to "My parents listened to my story."By listening to the story well, the child will be able to speak well, which will lead to an increase in expressiveness and vocabulary.It can be seen that successful applicants from the University of Tokyo have built a relationship of trust through communication with their parents since childhood.

 Regarding reading habits at home, about 9% answered that they bought the book they wanted.It can be seen that he had read many books in his field of interest.In addition, 73.3% of the respondents answered that they had an encyclopedia or pictorial book at home, and it can be said that they grew up in an environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity.In addition, 69.9% answered that their parents read aloud the book.It can be said that reading aloud a book was a great opportunity for children to like books, and there was an environment where they became fond of reading.

Reference: [Nagase Co., Ltd.] Toshin Survey 2022 Questionnaire for successful applicants of the University of Tokyo Only 16.7% of parents "study" are common to successful applicants of the University of Tokyo Parents listened to their stories (PDF) 

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