Important scientists from around the world, such as Isaac Newton's "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy Principia (1687 First Edition)" and Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species (1859 First Edition)" The "Book Exhibition that Changed the World" will be held from November 2015, 11 at the Grand Front Osaka North Building (Kita-ku, Osaka City), where the first edition of the book that announces the discoveries and inventions will be exhibited.

From "Engineering Akira Bunko" (quoted from the source)

From "Akira Bunko of Engineering"
(Quoted from the source)

 Many of the rare books exhibited at the exhibition are in the collection of the library "Engineering Akira Bunko" of Kanazawa Institute of Technology.The Akira Bunko of Engineering was established in 1982, and is a library that collects scientific discoveries, first edition books of technical inventions, etc. from the viewpoint of "engineering", and currently holds about 2,000 items. ..The collection includes books from the 15th century on which printing technology was invented by Gutenberg.・ The report of the Investigation Committee on the Challenger accident is included.

 At the exhibition, 2,000 books selected from the collection of about 120 items from the Engineering Akira Bunko will be exhibited. We will create an exhibition plan by sharing ideas to make it interesting and easy to understand.During the period, a museum talk will be planned in which the supervisor, Professor Kakugyo Satoshi of the same university, will explain the highlights of the exhibition and episodes related to books in an easy-to-understand manner.

[Books that changed the world] Exhibition
[Period] November 2015-11, 6
[Venue] Grand Front Osaka North Building Knowledge Capital Event Lab
【Admission charge】 Free

Source:[Kanazawa Institute of Technology] [Books that changed the world] Exhibition

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