From the enrollment in April 2018, Hosei University announced changes such as increasing the number of hires in order to enhance Hosei University's unique non-refundable benefit-type scholarship system.

 There are two main changes.The first is the "New Hosei University 2th Anniversary Scholarship," which abolishes the "Student Life Support Scholarship," which previously provided an annual amount of 12 yen, and provides an annual amount of 20 yen for humanities and 25 yen for science and engineering. Increase the number of hires.

 The second is to abolish the "special scholarship at the time of admission (A method admission)" (payment equivalent to the tuition fee), which was previously provided only to those with higher grades in each faculty of the entrance examination A method. Increase the number of candidates for the "Challenge Hosei Scholarship (pre-admission application reservation employment type benefit scholarship)" that provides 38 yen and 43 yen for science and engineering.

 This "Challenge Hosei Scholarship" is a system that is decided (unofficially decided) to be adopted before applying for the entrance examination and is paid after admission. The purpose is to provide financial support to people from domestic high schools other than Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures.

 From April 2018 applicants, the application conditions will be changed from "4 or higher" to "4.1 or higher" in high school grades, and the number of candidates for employment will be increased from 3.8 to 100.In addition, this "Challenge Hosei Scholarship" is a scholarship that can be received for four years if it passes the continuous examination conducted every year after enrollment, and it is planned to relax the performance criteria in the continuous examination for the second to fourth graders.

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"Freedom and progress" Fostering independent human resources who can respond to the times

Hosei University has cultivated the spirit of "freedom and progress" since its foundation.Currently, it is one of Japan's leading comprehensive universities with a wide range of academic fields consisting of 15 faculties and 38 departments.Foster independent human resources who can take on new challenges with free thinking.Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, FY26 "Support for the Creation of Top Global University Project (Type B […]]

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