After concluding a basic agreement for affiliated schools with the school corporation Nihon Gakuen on December 2021, 12, Meiji University proceeded with discussions and signed an agreement on affiliated school cooperation on March 23.It is the first time in 3 years to establish an affiliated school of Meiji University.

 From April 2026, 4, Meiji University will be affiliated with Nihon Gakuen Junior and Senior High School, and the school name will be Setagaya Junior and Senior High School attached to Meiji University.In addition, at the same time as the affiliated school, it will be a co-educational school, and the acceptance of enrollees by the entrance examination recommended by the high school attached to Meiji University will be from 1.

 There is no change in the contents of the agreement from the basic agreement for affiliated schools.We will continue discussions toward the opening of affiliated schools from 2026.We aim to build an educational system in which more than 7% (about 200 people) of graduates can go on to Meiji University by the recommended entrance examination.Regarding the recommendation criteria to be set in the future, we are considering the ones that are based on the existing affiliated schools and affiliated schools.

 Nihon Gakuen Junior and Senior High School is a traditional boys' school founded in 1885 as the Tokyo English School. The educational policy is to "make use of each person's genius rather than create a genius."The graduates have produced a number of celebrities, including Mr. Shigeru Yoshida, who served as Prime Minister, Mr. Shigeo Iwanami, the founder of Iwanami Shoten, and Mr. Taikan Yokoyama, a Japanese painting.

 Meiji University's educational philosophy is to "strengthen'individuals'", and the two schools, which have overlapping ideas, have built a relationship through a regional alliance project since 2012.In the future, we will provide consistent high school-university collaborative education through affiliated schools and accept many students who have received education based on the educational philosophy of Meiji University from an early stage.

Reference: [Meiji University] Concluded an agreement with affiliated schools with Nihon Gakuen

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