When the National Personnel Authority conducted an awareness survey of students who completed job hunting in 2021, it was found that many students did not find it attractive even though they thought that national civil servants were a job that they could be proud of.The fact that students are leaving the bureaucracy, such as the decrease in the number of examinees for the national civil servant recruitment general employment examination for the fifth consecutive year, is clearly visible in terms of consciousness.

The survey was conducted from September to December 2021 and asked about the image of the work of national civil servants and the reasons for not choosing national public servants from 9 fourth-year students of national, public and private universities and second-year graduate students nationwide.

According to the report, only 4.7% of the students passed the national civil service employment examination and got a job offer, and 64.7% answered that they were "not originally interested". 2.2% passed the national civil service employment exam, but chose another place of employment.

Regarding the image of the work of national civil servants, 75.8% positively answered that they were "professions that they could be proud of", 71.9% said that "the work that moves the country is large in scale", and 71.0% said that it was "rewarding for the people". , "I can balance work and personal life" was only 44.3%, and "The atmosphere of human relations and workplace seems to be good" was only 29.6%, and negative views were also conspicuous.

Regarding the reasons for not choosing a national civil servant as a profession, 76.0% said that it was difficult to study and prepare for the employment exam, 61.0% said that it would be difficult to do the work, and 58.4% said that they were not attracted to the work content. 57.7% answered that "the work related to the Diet seems to be difficult", and 55.3% answered that "there seems to be a lot of overtime work and late night / early morning work".

In 2021, the number of applicants for the national civil service recruitment general employment examination was 12.6, a decrease of 1% from the previous year, the lowest since 7,411 when the examination started in the current format.

reference:[National Personnel Authority] Summary of results of "Awareness survey for students who have completed job hunting this year"

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