The Research and Development Center for Social Technology (RISTEX), Japan Science and Technology Agency, has started to solicit proposals for four research and development programs for the research and development project for social technology in 2022 (FY4).

 The Research Institute of Science and Technology (RISTEX) has economic value by solving specific social problems including SDGs and responding to ethical, legal, institutional, and social issues that arise regarding the social implementation of new science and technology. We are promoting research and development aimed at creating new social and public value.We are also actively promoting initiatives related to new coronavirus infections.

 The following four R & D programs will be recruited in 2022.
①Science R & D program for science and technology innovation policy
In order to contribute to the formation of science and technology innovation policies based on objective grounds, we will create the methodologies necessary for policy formation, such as the benefits that new policy implementation will bring to society, visualization of the effects, and the ideal form of expert meetings necessary for policy implementation. do.The deadline for accepting proposals is noon on May 5th (Monday).Professor Ryotaro Yamagata of the Department of Social Medicine, Graduate School of Comprehensive Research, University of Yamanashi will oversee the program.

(XNUMX) Comprehensive practical research and development program for ethical, legal, institutional, and social issues (ELSI) of science and technology
Practical work on ELSI comprehensively from the initial stage of research and technology development with the aim of responding to ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) of emerging science and technology and disseminating and establishing responsible research and innovation activities. Develop a collaborative model.The deadline for accepting proposals is noon on June 6th (Wednesday).It will be supervised by Professor Kaori Karasawa of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Tokyo.

(XNUMX) Co-creative R & D program for achieving SDGs (scenario creation phase / solution creation phase)
The principal investigator and the collaborative implementer who solves the actual problems in the area will jointly create an immediate solution by utilizing the existing technology seeds for the specific social problems in the area.The deadline for accepting proposals is noon on June 6th (Wednesday).Masao Seki, Senior Advisor, Sustainability Promotion Department, Sompo Japan Insurance Co., Ltd., is a visiting professor at The Open University of Japan.

(XNUMX) Co-creative R & D program for achieving SDGs (prevention of social isolation and loneliness and construction of diverse social networks)
Based on various changes in social structure, elucidation of the mechanism of social isolation / loneliness, development of isolation / loneliness risk evaluation methods (indexes, etc.) and prevention measures for social isolation / loneliness, and their PoC (Proof of Concept) To promote in an integrated manner.The deadline for accepting proposals is noon on June 6th (Wednesday).It will be supervised by Professor Mitsuhiro Ura, a professor at Otemon Gakuin University and an emeritus professor at Hiroshima University.

 You can check the general explanation of the 2022 open call for participants and the details of each R & D program on the website, and also at the 5nd joint open call for participants briefing session (online) to be held from 10:14 to 00:16 on May 30 (Tuesday). Explain and ask and answer questions.Those who wish to participate in the joint recruitment briefing session apply from the dedicated form.

Reference: [Social Technology Research and Development Center] Call for proposals for 2022 social technology research and development projects

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