On August 2017, 8, Takushoku University announced a memorandum of understanding with the Takao Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department regarding the dispatch of student volunteers to supply food (backward support) to police officers engaged in police activities in the event of a large-scale disaster. Was tied.

 The signing of this "Memorandum of Understanding on Disaster Volunteers" is for student volunteers to help police officers replenish their meals at the Takao Police Station so that police officers can concentrate on rescue and lifesaving activities in the event of a large-scale disaster. This is the first attempt by the Takao Police Station to provide back-up support volunteers.

 Hideyuki Kashima, chief of the Takao Police Station, said, "I'm hoping that logistical support volunteers will allow as many staff members as possible to engage in rescue and lifesaving activities," he said.

 Takushoku University has been collaborating with the Takao Police Station by dispatching language volunteers to the Hachioji Fireworks Festival and making announcements in foreign languages ​​to protect the safety of passers-by. I'm talking about wanting to go.

Takushoku University

Fostering "true international people who can contribute to society".The stage of learning goes to the world

Takushoku University has left a great mark as a pioneer of "international universities" that are active all over the world."There is no discrimination before I stand on the border between the color of the race and the ground," which is also sung in the school song.We are fostering truly international people who can contribute to society by flying to Asia and the world.Currently, it has 4 faculties, 1 faculties of liberal arts and 5 faculty of science […]

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