Nagaoka University of Technology has signed a partnership agreement with the East Nippon Expressway Niigata Branch regarding the construction and maintenance of expressways, disaster prevention, and disaster mitigation.We will cooperate with each other in various fields such as academic research, human resource development, and community contribution to realize a safe and secure local community.

 According to Nagaoka University of Technology, the signing ceremony of the agreement is at Nagaoka University of Technology in Kamitomioka Town, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, and President Shigeharu Kamado of Nagaoka University of Technology and President Kazuyuki Mizuguchi of the East Japan Expressway Niigata Branch have agreed. I signed the book.

 The contents of the agreement include academic research, community contribution, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), education and human resource development.The East Nippon Expressway Niigata branch has issues such as disaster countermeasures such as large-scale retention due to heavy snowfall that occurred on the Kan-etsu Expressway at the end of 2020, and aging structures.With the establishment of the Regional Disaster Prevention Research Center at Nagaoka University of Technology, we decided to conclude a cooperation agreement to promote more practical cooperation to solve these problems.

 President Mizuguchi said, "Based on the cooperation agreement, we would like to effectively integrate each other's resources and proceed with research for the safety and security of the region and expressways."

reference:[Nagaoka University of Technology] We have signed a partnership agreement with NEXCO East Japan Niigata Branch regarding road construction / maintenance and disaster prevention / mitigation on expressways.
[East Nippon Expressway Niigata Branch] Regarding the conclusion of "Collaboration Agreement on Road Construction / Maintenance and Disaster Prevention / Mitigation on Expressways" between Nagaoka University of Technology and NEXCO East Nippon Expressway Niigata Branch (PDF)

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