In modern society, the onset of metabolic syndrome caused by overeating and lack of exercise has become a problem.While research on the mechanism of feeding behavior and energy metabolism regulation is being actively conducted, the research group of Hiroshima University and others has discovered a novel brain factor NPGL (Neurosecretory protein GL) in rats. For the first time in the world, it was discovered that it promotes overeating and fat synthesis and causes obesity.

 This research group, which had clarified that NPGL is involved in appetite regulation in previous studies, conducted further functional analysis of NPGL using rats.As a result, the following points were clarified.
① NPGL causes binge eating under high calorie diet.In addition, although feeding behavior does not increase so much under normal feeding, it enhances fat synthesis in white adipose tissue.
(XNUMX) NPGL increases the intake of carbohydrates, and these carbohydrates become the raw material for fat synthesis.
(XNUMX) NPGL-producing cells have insulin responsiveness, and NPGL expression increases when the blood insulin level is low (fasting), promoting fat accumulation.

 From the above, the expression of NPGL increases on an empty stomach, which increases the amount of food intake and enhances fat synthesis using the sugar obtained by the diet as a raw material. Was found to cause early.

 This result is expected to lead to the elucidation of the mechanism of energy metabolism regulation such as overeating and obesity in humans, and to contribute to the scientific understanding of the carbohydrate-restricted diet, which has been attracting attention in recent years.

Paper information:[ELife] Neurosecretory protein GL stimulates food intake, de novo lipogenesis, and onset of obesity

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