In August, 48 universities and junior colleges, mainly in Kyoto Prefecture, and the Consortium of Universities Kyoto (Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City) and Kyoto City will establish the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department, which is made up of students from Kyoto.Articles planned and interviewed by the students themselves will be posted on the dedicated website and social networking service (SNS) scheduled to be launched in October, and the appeal of Kyoto will be promoted nationwide.

 The Kyoto Student Public Relations Department is for students from member schools and has a capacity of 100 people.In the future, we will receive training from professional editors and web designers, plan and interview topics related to the charm of boarding house life, tourist attractions in Kyoto, etc., and also plan to interview celebrities related to the university.
 The Consortium of Universities Kyoto was established in 1998 with the support of the city, with the Kyoto University Center, which was established to implement a credit transfer system between private universities in the city.It is the pioneer of university cooperation organizations nationwide and the largest in scale.We have promoted lifelong learning courses for working adults, Kyoto College, faculty and staff training projects, internship projects, and industry-academia collaboration projects.
The city has about 1 students, which is 14% of the population, but the 7000-year-old population continues to decline due to the declining birthrate.As the competition for university enrollment is intensifying, we decided to set up a public relations department in order to increase the number of applicants for admission by communicating the charm of Kyoto to junior and senior high school students nationwide.

Source:[University Consortium Kyoto] Notice of recruitment of Kyoto student public relations staff (1st gen member)

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