The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced that it has selected four institutions, represented by Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Telecommunications University, Osaka University, and Waseda University, as the institution for the 2017 Data-related Human Resources Development Program.

 The data-related human resources development program discovers and develops "advanced data-related human resources" who make full use of data-related technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, and security, which are required for Japan to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution.・ The purpose is to support the efforts of companies and universities that consistently promote their activities.

 In the business scheme, the training institution forms a consortium with multiple companies and other institutions such as universities that wish to hire data-related human resources, and the training institution recruits and selects doctoral students and doctoral degree holders. Develop and implement a training program.We will promote the activities of those who have completed the training program in various places in society, including the participating organizations of the consortium.In developing the training program, the results of the AIP project, which conducts research and development of innovative basic technologies for artificial intelligence, will also be utilized.

 The representative institutions of the four institutions selected this time are Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Telecommunications University, Osaka University, and Waseda University, respectively, forming consortiums with universities and companies, respectively.
Tokyo Medical and Dental University forms a "Big Data Medical and AI Drug Discovery Consortium" with Tohoku University, Keio University, Tokyo University of Science, etc., and exchanges research information and develops human resources through training programs.
The University of Electro-Communications will start the "Data Entrepreneur Fellow Program" to develop top-level human resources such as data science together with Tsuda College and Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Osaka University has Kobe University, Shiga University, Wakayama University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology as participating institutions, and Kyoto University as a collaborative institution. aim.
Waseda University will train doctoral and postdoctoral fellows in a wide range of fields, and will provide comprehensive career support and strengthen synergistic cooperation.Ochanomizu University, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo Women's Medical University, etc. will participate.

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Osaka University

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Osaka University is a research-based university with 11 faculties and 23 departments. Since its founding in 1931, with the motto of "living in the region and extending to the world," we have created an outstanding "foundation" and "power" that weaves advanced education and research capabilities, the harmony of faculty and staff, and the weight of tradition and the advantage of Osaka. I have.Taking advantage of these excellent potentials […]

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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As Japan's only comprehensive medical graduate university, in the fields of medicine and dentistry, human resources who can play an active role on the world stage, a wide range of education and rich humanity, high ethical standards, creativity and pioneering ability to think and solve by oneself, internationality Foster human resources with leadership skills.Excellent faculty, excellent facilities, and a world-class curriculum […]

University of Electro-Communications

Aiming to create and practice knowledge and skills that contribute to the sustainable development of humankind, we train advanced engineers and researchers with comprehensive practical skills.

The University of Electro-Communications originated from the Wireless Telegraph Training Institute managed by the Telegraph Association, which was established in 1918 as a training institution for wireless communication engineers.We aim to develop and produce highly-skilled human resources who will lead science and technology innovation in the field of science and technology and support a knowledge-based society. […]

Waseda University

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