A research group led by Associate Professor Taketo Yoshida of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo conducted a questionnaire survey of junior high school students in the Mikatagoko area of ​​Fukui Prefecture. I found.Since Mikatagoko is an area where environmental education is active, it seems that environmental education was an opportunity to think about nature and local communities.

 According to the University of Tokyo, the survey was conducted on students from public junior high schools in the Mikatagoko area, and statistical analysis of their ideal psychological relationship with nature and the local community was conducted from 200 valid responses.

 As a result, we talk about the psychological relationships between people and nature, and the psychological relationships between people and local communities, about the time spent in nature during grades, graduated elementary schools, and junior high school, the frequency of participation in environmental activities, and the frequency of talking about gaze and environmental issues. , It was found that the frequency of participation in local festivals and events had an effect.Moreover, the psychological relationships between people and nature, and between people and local communities were interconnected.

 The research group is the first research to quantitatively show the psychological relationship between people and nature, and between people and local communities, and now that environmental education and education for sustainable development are being sought in school education. , Suggests that it is necessary to promote education and participation in local events that interconnect learning about nature and the community.

 However, considering that different results may be obtained in urban areas where there is little nature around and areas where environmental education is not focused, we will proceed with similar research in more areas and provide educational content based on regional characteristics. It is necessary to think.

Paper information:[Journal of the Ecological Society of Japan] Psychological relationships between people and nature and people and local communities, and their attributes and habitual factors: Analysis of junior high school students in areas where nature restoration is progressing

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