The research group of Assistant Professor Toshifumi Gen, Assistant Professor of Kobe University, Assistant Professor Kimiko Uchii of Osaka Ohtani University, and Associate Professor Hideyuki Doi of University of Hyogo analyzed the environmental DNA contained in river water and found that it is native to Japan and is native to the Eurasian continent. We have developed a method to clarify the ratio of carp.It is expected that the invasion of alien species of other organisms can be known quickly and easily.

 Environmental DNA is DNA contained in the feces and secretions of living organisms contained in water such as rivers and the sea.By collecting and analyzing this environmental DNA from water, it is possible to clarify the distribution of organisms without actually capturing them.In particular, it is attracting attention because it is possible to distinguish alien species that are difficult to distinguish from the outside.

 By using a technique called the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method for a small amount of DNA contained in water, the amount of DNA can be increased while keeping the genetic information contained.By analyzing this, it is possible to distinguish even a single difference in DNA sequence, and it is possible to distinguish whether the river lives in a native line or an alien line.In this study, based on this method, we found that there is a great relationship between the proportion of native and foreign carp in aquariums and the results of analysis of environmental DNA in water.This means that by analyzing the environmental DNA in water, the proportion of native and foreign carp that inhabit there can be determined.When we actually investigated the abundance ratio in rivers in western Japan, it became clear that the invasion of alien species has progressed to a considerable extent.

 Invasion of alien species of the same species is difficult to recognize due to their similar appearance, and there are many cases where native species are adversely affected by competition and crossing.In order to protect biodiversity, it is important to know the invasion of alien species as soon as possible even in such cases, but the analysis method developed this time can be used as a method to quickly detect the invasion of alien species of various species. prize.

Source:[Kobe University] Invasion of alien species Uncovered with environmental DNA

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