From April 2022, 4, Mukogawa Women's University's original mini-program-style infomercial "Mukogawa Women's University's Mukojo TV" began on Asahi Broadcasting Television.Broadcasting staff will serve as narration, and students and faculty members will serve as guides, and will appeal to "Mukogawa" in collaboration with teaching professions.

 "Mukogawa Women's University Mukojo TV" conveys the attractiveness of education and research unique to women's universities in an easy-to-understand manner through projects and activities involving the students and faculty members of the guide.

 The first issue covered a large-scale restoration project at the Koshien Kaikan, a school building of the Faculty of Architecture.The predecessor of the Koshien Kaikan was the former Koshien Hotel, which was completed in 1, and is a famous building that was named alongside the "Imperial Hotel" in the early Showa period. It became the campus of Mukogawa Women's University from 1930, and was improved with the opening of the Department of Architecture in 1965. It was designated as a national registered tangible cultural property in 2006.This restoration project is a large-scale project that involves the complete re-roofing of roof tiles, and is a valuable opportunity for the Faculty of Architecture to learn about the technology at the time of completion and the intentions of the designers.The show depicts students struggling to pass on historic buildings to the next generation.

 The second broadcast on May 2 with the theme of practical learning in the Faculty of Business Administration.It also depicts students observing a manufacturing company in which graduates of Mukogawa Women's University are involved in management.

 Broadcast time is around 1:5 pm on the first Monday of every month.The third will be broadcast on June 15th.The broadcasting area is part of Kinki 3 prefectures and 6 prefectures and Tokushima prefecture, but it is open to the public on YouTube and can also be viewed from the "Mukojo TV" special site on the Mukogawa Women's University official website.

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