At Chiba University, a new faculty, "Faculty of International Liberal Arts," will be newly established in April 41 for the first time in 2016 years.The faculty, which is the first national university, features "tailor-made education" for small-group education and English-focused entrance examination methods that can be taken in both humanities and science.

 Based on the university's basic philosophy of "always aiming for something higher," the newly established faculty will have both international understanding and understanding of Japan, discover and solve problems from a unique perspective of Japan, and disseminate them to the world. The purpose is to develop "new international people" who can do it.

One of the characteristics of the department is "tailor-made education and study abroad" tailored to individual students.For the enrollment capacity of 90 undergraduate students, 46 faculty members will provide thorough small-group education, and classes will be carefully conducted according to the student's situation.In addition, we have established a professional system SULA (Super University Learning Administrator) to consult with students, and provide individual advice on student course selection and study abroad to support learning.

In the education course, from "Global Studies" that explores global issues from various angles, "Contemporary Japanese Studies" that explores and disseminates problem-solving methods from contemporary Japanese culture, science and technology, and scientific practice of mixed culture and science. A curriculum aimed at acquiring problem-solving skills through the three majors of "comprehensive science" to learn problem-solving will be prepared.

There are two types of entrance exams for 2016, the "regular entrance exam" that emphasizes English, which can be taken in both liberal arts and science subjects, and the "special entrance exam", in which essays and native teachers interview English.In addition, in the regular entrance examination, the results of the TOEFL iBT, IELTS, Practical English Proficiency Test, etc. will be added to the score of "foreign language" in the individual academic ability test or converted to full marks by utilizing the foreign language examination, which is the first in the university. can do.

Source:[Chiba University] New faculty for the first time in 41 years, the first "international liberal arts faculty" of a national university "tailor-made education" with a small number of people + training "new international people" by studying abroad (PDF)

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