From September 2017, the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors of Music (JASRAC) opened the "Introduction to the Music Copyright Law" as a donation course at Kunitachi College of Music. This is the first time that JASRAC has held a donation course at a music university.Many of the graduates aim to equip music college students in music-related jobs with accurate knowledge of copyright.

 According to JASRAC, the course was established as a liberal arts course in the Faculty of Music, Kunitachi College of Music, and is attended by first to fourth year students of the Faculty of Music, students of Tama Academic Consortium member universities, and citizens of both Kunitachi and Tama City who are engaged in music activities and guidance. doing.

 The 1st and 2nd lectures have already been held, with JASRAC Executive Director Naofumi Nakatogawa on the theme of "JASRAC's work" and Professor Hirohiro Yamaguchi of Toin University of Yokohama on the theme of "learning music copyright law as a law". Lecture on.

 The course will continue until December.Professor Junichi Onuma of Waseda University, Satoshi Takebe, a music producer from Kunitachi College of Music, and other copyright-savvy researchers, lawyers, and music publishing office managers will be on stage. Explain the understanding.
In December, under the chairmanship of Professor Keiichi Kubota of Kunitachi College of Music, Attorney Nobuyuki Kamiya, Associate Professor Emi Arai of Utsunomiya University, and Executive Director Kazuhiro Seko of JASRAC participated in the title "The Future of Music Copyright Law". A public debate is also planned.

 JASRAC has been holding donation courses at universities around the world since 1999 in order to develop human resources who are familiar with music copyright.

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