From April 2022st to 4th, 21, Studyplus Inc. conducted a "questionnaire on university selection" for users in the first to third grades of high school on the learning management app "Studyplus".25 respondents.

 According to the survey, "search" was ranked first for "the first action to take when choosing a university", and 1% answered that they would conduct Internet research. The second place was "84.4% of her who asks the people around her".

When asked "what action to take first" to those who answered "search", 88.4% answered "view the university site", followed by 4.8% "search on YouTube". When the same question was asked to those who answered "Ask the people around", about 4% answered "Ask the family". "Ask a high school teacher" and "Ask friends and classmates" followed.

 When asked to select up to 3rd place for the items to be emphasized when choosing a university, the most selected item was "learning content" 1%, 62.6nd place was "name value" 2%, and 16.3rd place was "tuition / scholarship". “Fri” was 3%, 6.9th place was “location” 4%, and 6.5th place was “because of the good atmosphere” 5%. The regions that ranked first in "contents of learning" at the highest rate were Chugoku and Shikoku.In Kinki, the percentage of those who chose "Tuition / Scholarship" and "Location" as the first place is the highest in Japan, Hokkaido / Tohoku is "Tuition / Scholarship", Kanto is "Name Value", Chubu is "Atmosphere", Kyushu. The percentage of those who chose "location" and "atmosphere" as the first place was higher than the national average.

 The main reasons for choosing "name value" are "I think that entering a famous university will give you an advantage when you get a job" and "If you have an academic background filter when you get a job, name value should be emphasized. ] And other reasons.In addition, "tuition and scholarships" are "because I want to avoid putting a heavy financial burden on my parents" and "I'm afraid to receive a scholarship of the type to repay even though I don't know if I can get a job properly in the future, so I will pay it. Universities with a large amount of type scholarships are good. "

Reference: [Studyplus Inc.] Approximately 9% of high school students tend to emphasize "learning content" in choosing a university, "name value" in metropolitan areas, and "tuition and scholarships" in rural areas-high school students "Questionnaire on university selection" was conducted for 1,965 people, and "YouTube search" was spreading by collecting information on university selection.

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