The Faculty of Business Administration of Josai University is conducting big data marketing education in collaboration with Seki Yakuhin Co., Ltd., which develops drug stores closely related to the region, mainly in Saitama Prefecture, and True Data Co., Ltd., which operates a big data platform. .. On May 2022, 5, students visited the Seki Pharmaceutical store "Drug Store Seki Takeshu Nagase Store" in Wakayama, Moroyama Town).

 This visit is part of the "Database Marketing A" (4 times in total) class by Associate Professor Keiya Tabe, which started on April 7.In this class, which is attracting attention as an attempt for new industry-academia collaboration, students will utilize big data to plan and propose sales floors for Seki Yakuhin and over-the-counter sales promotion measures.The aim of the class is to be able to properly read the meaning from quantitative and qualitative data and make convincing marketing proposals.

 Students take up "body soap" and "face wash" for the purpose of expanding sales, and propose to create a sales floor where local customers can easily select products, meet desired products, and notice new products. do.In data analysis, we will utilize big data marketing methods to superimpose and interpret the purchase data of Seki Yakuhin and the consumer big data of True Data.

 Five of the 2 second-year students who took the course visited the store.After receiving an explanation of the sales floor from the person in charge, we divided into groups and looked around the store layout and product display.The inspection experience of this day will be shared with other students, and the final report will be compiled through the planning of the sales floor based on the data.

 As a result of comparing the sales of facial cleansers between specific stores and the entire Kanto region and investigating the difference in repeat rate, Mr. Souma Kitamura, who is taking the course, found that the products sold in the entire Kanto region are not sold at the specific stores. Now that I know it, I visited the store to find a clue as to why. "From various data, I would like to propose the creation of a sales floor that makes it easy for customers to pick up products. After using various data such as the number of customers visiting the store, the time when sales are high, and the comparison of prices between the store and the market. I would like to acquire the ability to research stores in Japan. ”We are preparing for a convincing marketing proposal.

Reference: [Josai University] Visited a Seki Yakuhin store for big data marketing education

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