Musashino University will open the "Department of Sustainability, Faculty of Engineering (under construction)" on April 2023, 4 on the Ariake Campus.This is the first department in Japan that has the title of sustainability.

 Sustainability and the concept of SDGs are becoming more and more important in order to solve and overcome various environmental and social problems such as the recent environmental crisis, poverty gap, human rights and refugee problems associated with conflicts and wars. It is increasing.In response to these issues, Musashino University has newly established the Department of Sustainability in the Faculty of Engineering, and has acquired the ability to realize the sustainability of human society and the global environment through social design and environmental engineering, and the ability to promote it in companies, governments, NPOs, etc. Train the attached human resources.

 The features of the Department of Sustainability (under planning) are two courses that adopt a curriculum that integrates humanities and science, and a practical project that focuses on the real world. In the "Social Design Course", you will learn the mechanism to promote sustainability and the ability to design and execute businesses in collaboration with various people, and in the "Environmental Engineering Course", you will use engineering methods such as environmental research, analysis and design. Acquire the ability to study and propose solutions to environmental problems.

 Practical projects are devoted to 1 minutes a week and are central to the learning of the Department of Sustainability.Find issues in the real world, collaborate with companies and local communities, and take on the challenge of advanced research toward solving and solving real-world issues.Capacity is 400 (admission capacity 280).

Reference: [Musashino University] Department of Sustainability

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