An online survey by the International Association of Universities (IAU) found that universities in Africa and the Americas are suffering from reduced incomes due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. As revealed by the Japan Association of National Universities, which is a member of the IAU, many universities in Africa suffer from a decline in tuition income.

 According to the Japan Association of National Universities, the survey interviewed higher education institutions such as 112 universities in 496 countries and regions around the world about the situation one year after the spread of the new corona infection.

 Revenue stability is slightly better for publicly funded universities than for private universities, but nearly one-third of universities are worried that public funds will decline a year after the spread of the new corona infection. I'm in a situation.

 In areas where the proportion of private universities is high, such as Africa and the Americas, almost half of the areas where funds have decreased have decreased.Tuition income has also declined by 53% in Africa and 47% in the Americas, making university management more difficult.As a result, 47% of African universities are facing a decline in research funding.

 Student enrollment rates are generally stable, but Africa and the Americas have declined by one-third.International students have a particularly large impact, and the decrease in the number of students is more pronounced for exchange students than for students aiming for a degree.

 In terms of salaries and benefits for faculty and staff, the reduced universities slightly outperformed the increased universities.More than one-fifth in Africa and the Americas are cutting headcount.

reference:[National University Association] The International Association of Universities (IAU) has released the results of an online survey on "Higher Education One Year After the Outbreak of COVID-19".

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