The University of the Sacred Heart, in collaboration with Wacoal Co., Ltd., will hold a workshop for one month from mid-August 2015 to plan a "product promotion" based on Wacoal's product functional bottom inner "Futomo Walker" *. During that time, the course is held 8 times.The product promotion planned at the workshop will be held at the 1 school festival of the same size.

 This workshop is a social training class for students to learn cooperation, logic, communication ability, and problem-solving ability under the theme of "vocational understanding through real work experience". Since 2005, a project "cocoros" has been planned to investigate and research "the relationship between women's psychology and underwear" jointly researched by Professor Kensuke Sugawara of the Faculty of Letters of the same university and Wacoal. I did.

 Twenty-nine people from the second year students to graduate students of the same university who gathered by open recruitment will participate in the workshop and will learn about promotion activities, advertisements and publicity of "Futomo Walker" as a team. Through the five workshops, students will visit the Wacoal Headquarters, learn about the flow of manufacturing, and then start planning product promotions for "Thigh Walker."On September 2, 29, the final round of the workshop, we will present each promotion plan to Wacoal.The promotion plan adopted this time is scheduled to be held at the same university cultural festival on October 5th and 2015th, 9.

* The thigh walker is a Wacoal inner that can be expected to change to exercise walking by wearing it, and can arrange the line of the thigh.

Source:[Wacoal] Industry-academia collaboration, joint project between Wacoal and the University of the Sacred Heart Women's university students plan product promotion


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