At Toyo Gakuen University, six volunteer students from the Faculty of Contemporary Business have launched the "Japan's No. 6 Garbage-Free University Project-Togaku No Mirai Wokaeyo- (commonly known as Garbage Pro)" and are working to reduce the amount of garbage generated by the university. Started.

 Garbage Pro consists of four 4th graders (4rd graders at that time) and 3 3rd graders (2nd graders at that time) who are interested in environmental issues and SDGs in the new product development seminar (Associate Professor Takuo Ando) of the Faculty of Contemporary Business Administration. Formed under the theme of "reducing garbage".Knowing that the amount of garbage generated at the university and the disposal cost are higher than expected, he started the activity, "Let's start by reducing the garbage at the university around us."

 A "trash can idea contest" is planned for May 2022, 5 (Zero Garbage Day).Involuntarily solicit ideas for trash cans that "want to separate" and "change awareness of trash."In addition, on behalf of the campus cleaning staff, we will collect garbage on campus and start a fact-finding survey of garbage to check the sorting status and amount, and publish the original commercial on campus digital signage and YouTube. Full-scale start of enlightenment activities for.

 In the future, in addition to surveying the actual situation of garbage on campus, we are planning to realize the adopted trash can idea, study sessions on garbage by inviting experts, collaborate with companies, and hold summer vacation workshops for elementary school students.

 One of the members, Megumi Yamato (4th year, Faculty of Contemporary Business Administration) said, "I was originally interested in environmental and social issues and participated in beach cleans. Now, environmental issues in Japan are time and money. I have the impression that people with a lot of space are working on it, but I hope that the base will expand and it will become commonplace not to throw away trash. As a first step, I would like to change the university. "He said his desire to become a garbage professional.

Reference: [Toyo Gakuen University] SDGs project "Gomi Pro" from students is underway!

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