Obunsha Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) is based on the responses from 2017 universities that recruited students in Japan in 751, excluding universities with only communication system, etc. Edition "published.We have released data on the entrance examination method ratio of enrollees by national and private universities, the enrollment capacity sufficiency rate of private universities, and the implementation rate of pre-admission education.

 "Ratio by entrance examination method" is 83.1% for national universities, 71.6% for public universities, and 47.9% for private universities for general entrance examinations (including center examinations).At private universities, the percentage of general entrance exams is lower than at national and public universities, and nearly half of them are admitted using recommendations and AO entrance exams.

 Regarding the “enrollment capacity sufficiency rate”, although improvements are progressing, unsatisfied schools are concentrated in small private universities.568 out of 221 schools have less enrollment capacity, which is 38% of all private universities.Looking at the breakdown, it is known that there is a difference depending on the enrollment capacity of the university, and there are 9 universities with less than 800 enrollment capacity.On the other hand, there are 199 universities with an enrollment capacity of 800 or more, and small-scale universities are required to make efforts to secure enrollment.

 "Implementation of pre-admission education" is implemented by 62.9% of private universities, 7.4% of national universities, and 18.4% of public universities for prospective students, and private universities are more active than national and public universities. I found out that.The content of pre-admission education varies from university to university, such as report submission, impressions of designated books, classes, English assignments, essays, and correspondence corrections.

 In addition, about 7% of national universities certify credits in foreign language examinations.This is a system for accrediting credits for learning achievements outside of the university, and not only for the Practical English Proficiency Test and other English tests such as IELTS, but also for the Practical French Proficiency Test and the German Language Proficiency Test.However, the university-wide implementation at public universities and private universities has not reached 4%.

 The book also contains data such as "active occupancy rate of enrollees," "class implementation rate in English," and "employment support."

Reference: [Obunsha] Understand the current state of the university!Full of information on 751 national, public and private universities! Published "University's True Ability Information Disclosure Book"

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