9 which was jointly developed by Circle K Sunkus Co., Ltd. and a female student of the Faculty of Commerce, Tokyo International University at the corresponding stores of Circle K Sunkus and Sunkus in the Kanto area for 8 weeks from September 28th (Tuesday) to 3th (Monday). Items are on sale.

This project is part of an initiative based on the "Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement" concluded between Circle K Sunkus and Saitama Prefecture in October 2008. By promoting the active participation of women promoted by Saitama Prefecture, the economy and With the support of Circle K Sunkus for the "Saitama Version Womenomics Project," which aims to revitalize the region, joint development with Tokyo International University (location: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture) has been realized.We developed products from the perspective of working women, who are expected to play an active role in society, and struggled to support the lives of busy career women as much as possible.

Both of the two items released this time include points that make women happy.
The first is "Yakiniku Wrapped Bread," which you can eat with one hand even when you are busy.It is attractive to eat anywhere, such as for breakfast on a busy morning or during a break on the go.As the number of carnivorous girls is increasing, I'm glad that you can easily eat meat. The second is "Sweet Potato-with spinach cream-", a dessert that makes it easy to eat vegetables and sweet potatoes.It is a perfect item for women who are on a diet or who are worried about lack of vegetables.In addition, the students devised the product packaging for both items, and the cute appearance tickles the female heart.

Through such a project, it will be a good experience for female students who will lead the future society, and will lead to further success in the modern society where the number of working women is increasing.

Source:[Circle K Sunkus Co., Ltd.] Supporting the success of women!Collaboration with Saitama Prefecture "Womanomics Division" Products jointly developed with female students

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