Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) will introduce a new dormitory fee reduction and exemption system limited to 2023 to 2026, and change the tuition reduction and exemption scholarship system for domestic students from 2023.

 The Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University student dormitory is an international student dormitory where international and domestic students from all over the world live together. A new student dormitory will be established in 2023, and all applicants will be able to enter the dormitory. At APU, we have set up a dormitory fee reduction and exemption system to promote dormitory admission, with a strong desire to receive richer learning opportunities that can be obtained from multicultural campuses and dormitory life without being affected by financial instability. I decided to introduce a new one.

 The dormitory fee reduction and exemption system will be implemented from 2023 to 2026.The exemption period is 11 months (during the dormitory period). The dormitory fee for 11 months will be half the price (total of housing fee, common service fee, utility fee, bedding rental fee).The application criteria are domestic students who wish to move into the dormitory and are JASSO benefit scholarship recipients.The payment limit is 60 people.At the same time, we will also implement a dormitory fee reduction and exemption system for international students from overseas.The conditions are different from those of domestic students, and 450 students with household income of less than 70 million yen are eligible.

 In addition, we reviewed the "Domestic Excellent Education Scholarship System" so that high school students who can lead APU as a role model can go on to embody "people who learned at APU will change the world".This scholarship is provided to those who have passed the entrance examination and have excellent grades.The target audience is domestic students enrolled in April / September (excluding transfer / transfer).The amount of scholarship payment has been half of the tuition fee so far, but it will be the amount equivalent to the full tuition fee (2023% exemption).The payment limit is 4 people.It will be paid for up to 4 years on condition of continuous examination based on grades every semester.

Reference: [Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University] [2023] Notice about scholarships

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