On Sunday, June 2015, 6, Hosei University will hold a joint school information session at Otemachi Sankei Plaza (Tokyo) with five universities that have pilot training courses. Individual briefing sessions will be held for students who wish to enroll in April 28.Students who are interested in pilots and the aviation industry and their parents will participate.

In 2008, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Hosei University opened the "Aeronautical Maneuvering Specialization".Students aim to obtain a "Pilot License" and "Commercial Pilot License" license in a four-year education while taking mechanical engineering.
The feature of this specialization is pilot education of industry-government-academia collaboration.You can receive pilot education at a training facility designated by the Civil Aviation Bureau while cooperating with the outside, such as providing materials from Civil Aviation College and receiving cooperation support from airline companies.In addition, one of the attractions is that flight experience training is conducted from the first year, and you can experience aviation flight from an early stage.

As for his main career after graduation, he obtained the qualification of "commercial pilot license" in the 4th year and got a job as an airline pilot and aviation manager.You can also choose a profession such as an engineer in the aviation industry by taking advantage of your advanced knowledge of mechanical engineering.
At the joint briefing on June 6, JF Oberlin University (Flight Operation Course), Sojo University (Aeronautical Maneuvering Course), Chiba Institute of Science (Pilot / Maintenance Course), Teikyo University (Helicopter Pilot Course), Pilot Four other schools with training courses will participate.

Source:[Hosei University] Pilot training course joint school information session will be held

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