"Yamatake Wagyu (100%) Sausage" developed and cooperated by Associate Professor Takayuki Teshigawara of the Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Chiba University of Commerce (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture) It was adopted as a privilege. With donations of 1 yen or more and less than 2 yen, 4 bags (1 bag: 25g x 5) will be sent.Limited to 300 sets.

 The Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Chiba University of Commerce started activities in the field of Sanmu City in 2016.Through participation in various regional exchange and revitalization events such as rice paddy art in Sammu City and participation in civic activities, students can learn practically how to understand regional issues and how to solve them, and are affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake that evacuated to the city. I have been supporting people.

 This product development project started with a proposal from Mr. Masao Kobayashi, who evacuated from Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture due to the earthquake.Mr. Kobayashi evacuated to Sanmu City with 142 Iitate Wagyu beef, a brand of Japanese black beef from Iitate Village, and is raising "Yamatake Wagyu" to inherit the pedigree.At the Teshigawara Seminar, we have been involved in PR activities as part of support for evacuees, such as holding a "Yamatake Wagyu Debut Event" to raise awareness of "Yamatake Wagyu" and opening stores at events inside and outside Sanmu City.

 In the product development of sausages, Teshigawara Seminar participated in planning such as taste and package design from autumn 2016, and took about half a year to complete the product.The package is designed by Saeka Naito, a third-year student in the Faculty of Human and Social Studies, who incorporates the Kumiko work of Yamatake Sugi, a special product of Sammu City.Mr. Kobayashi and Teshigawara Seminar have also started developing other products, and the Yamatake Wagyu beef hamburger is scheduled to be sold in December 3.

 Teshigawara Seminar is working on sales of "Reconstruction Support Bowl" and "Saba Sand" developed using ingredients from the disaster area, and coffee "CUC Blend" jointly developed with mothers living in Fukushima Prefecture after the earthquake. did it.A series of activities provide an opportunity to think about the environment of disaster victims and evacuees, support in response to changes in their minds, and prevention of weathering from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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At Chiba University of Commerce, we are developing traditional practical education, testing the knowledge and theories learned in class in various projects in the real world, and practicing learning that grows by repeating many awareness and discoveries.Human resources who can learn deeply and broadly from both knowledge and experience, think for themselves, make decisions, and open up the future […]

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