Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. will start an online seminar on the theme of "university reform utilizing ICT" for faculty members of universities and higher education institutions. The first session on June 6th (Wednesday) was "The faculty members and students seriously changed the university! -The actual and true intention of promoting university DX through collaboration between teaching professions" by Kagawa University.

 Kagawa University has signed an agreement with Microsoft Japan on "DX promotion" and has been working on university reform and regional revitalization.At the seminar, faculty members and students will be on stage.Human resources beyond the organization collaborate and inspire each other to deliver the voices of the field struggling for university reform while promoting DX.

The event will start on June 6th (Wednesday) at 29:18 and end at 00:19.Conduct online.Participation fee is free with advance application system.The program for the day is as follows.

Opening session
Mr. Shiori Uemoto, Product Marketing Manager, Education Business Promotion Team, Modern Work & Security Business Headquarters, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Session ①"Transferred from the planning department to the information department and took charge of DX! -DX struggle of university staff from liberal arts-"
Mr. Hiroyuki Takeda from the DX Promotion Division, Information Media Center, Information Planning Division, Information Department, Kagawa University will be on stage.A staff member from a liberal arts background will be in charge of DX, and will introduce the actual experience of launching laboratories and projects, UX surveys, business improvement ideathons, and in-house development of business systems.In addition, he will talk about the efforts and background involving students, the path to the launch of the Micrisoft 365 Education study team "Coderabo" by the staff of other departments who were inspired, the current efforts, and the future prospects.

Session ②"In-house development of business system by student-centered DX promotion team" DX Lab ""
Takamasa Yatani, a student staff leader at the DX Lab, Information Media Center, Kagawa University, will be on stage in the first year of the Department of Creative Science, Graduate School of Creative Science, Kagawa University.While introducing the in-house system developed in the same lab, he talks about how to proceed with system development, what he noticed, and what he wants to challenge in the future.

Session ③"Kagawa University DX Roundtable"
Roundtable discussion by Mr. Rihito Yaegashi, Mr. Hiroyuki Takeda, and Mr. Takamasa Yatani, Director of Information Media Center, Kagawa University. What potential does DX have and what difficulties await it?From the standpoint of faculty members and students, he will speak in earnest based on the efforts made so far.

Reference / participation application:[Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.] "University Reform Utilizing ICT" Seminar 1st: Faculty and students seriously tried to change the university! -Actual and true intention of promoting university DX through collaboration between teaching professions

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