Saitama Institute of Technology signed a joint research agreement with Oguma Ranch Group Co., Ltd. Home Maintenance on June 2022, 6, through the mediation of Saitamaken Shinkin Bank and Saitama Collaboration Industry-Academia-Government. did.

 In this joint research, the research team of Professor Teruhisa Hongo, Department of Bio-Environmental Chemistry (Environmental Material Chemistry Laboratory), Faculty of Engineering, Saitama Institute of Technology, is a consortium of livestock companies in Fukaya City that promotes cyclical agriculture of livestock activities by local production and local consumption in the Fukaya area. Those that scientifically support activities. The theme of this time is "Study on recycling agriculture (SDGs) of Fukaya local production and local consumption in livestock", and the goals of this time are (XNUMX) reduction of environmental load during compost production by cow dung fermentation (odor, other dust, wastewater, etc.) and (XNUMX). Add value to products such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content notation of manufactured compost.As research contents, qualitative and quantitative analysis of odorous substances and adsorption removal methods suitable for them are examined.In addition, we will work on establishing a rapid measurement method for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in compost and optimizing the compost components.

 As an expert in environmental chemistry, Professor Hongo has technology for collecting and storing carbon dioxide to prevent global warming, technology for producing chemical products and energy from plant resources (biomass), and inexpensive and effective contaminated water and exhaust gas. I am studying the development of purification technology.He is also developing a system aimed at a sound material-cycle society that utilizes waste as a resource, and will utilize these research activities to engage in joint research.

 In the future, Saitama Institute of Technology will contribute to the development of local industries in the local Fukaya region by utilizing the scientific knowledge of researchers on campus as an industrial university, and will solve problems for the promotion of recycling agriculture corresponding to the SDGs era. We will cooperate in industry-academia-government collaboration.

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Professor Teruhisa Hongo, Department of Bio-Environmental Chemistry, begins joint research on recycling agriculture with a company in Fukaya City.

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