In June, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology issued a statement calling for a review of the faculties of humanities and social sciences to national universities nationwide, and Keidanren strongly opposed the easy review. He completely denied the view that the June notice was based on the industry's intention to seek only ready-to-work human resources, and appealed for the continuation of the Faculty of Arts, saying that "the human resources required by the industry are the opposite of the notice." I am.

According to the statement, there is a need for human resources who have the ability to discover and solve a wide range of cultures and issues, regardless of science or humanities, and who can understand not only their specialized fields but also the diversity of culture and society. indicate.Fostering human resources who can solve global issues with cross-disciplinary ideas, such as studying a wide range of subjects in the humanities, even in the sciences, and acquiring basic knowledge in the sciences with an interest in advanced technology even in the humanities. Emphasized that it is necessary.
Regarding the reform of national universities, there are many uniform and knowledge-packed education, and it is difficult to acquire the abilities required for human resources required by the industry, and we strongly urged promotion.On the other hand, he said that the reform should be carried out under the leadership of the president, not the reform led by the government, and the government is calling for the utmost respect for the efforts of the university.

Furthermore, in order to promote human resource development through industry-academia collaboration, Keidanren itself plans to exchange opinions with the university on a regular basis, and deepen cooperation through dispatch of corporate instructors, cooperation in curriculum creation, and scholarship programs for study abroad. Showed that there is.
The notification of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has been perceived as a crushing of the liberal arts of the national university, and it has been perceived that the intentions of industry such as Keidanren are working behind it.It seems that this statement will be issued because criticism of Keidanren may spread as it is.

Source:[Nippon Keidanren Federation] Concept of National University Reform

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