A joint survey by NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions and the Japan Massive Open Online Education Promotion Council found that the free online course "MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)" established by the university is effective for re-learning of working adults. rice field. MOOC is a mechanism that allows you to view and study lectures for free with a simple registration, and a "Certificate of Completion" is issued when the completion conditions are met.

 According to NTT Com Online Marketing Solutions, the survey was conducted in August and September, targeting 8 people nationwide registered on the company's monitors.

 "Music, movies," "history," and "psychology" are the top fields to study, with "history" being the number one male and "psychology" being the number one female.Men showed a strong interest in business and practical fields, and women showed a strong interest in fields closely related to daily life.

 Only 2% of the students have experience of re-learning majors that they learned when they were students, but the number has increased slightly compared to the previous year.When asked why, 48.3% answered that "professional review is necessary" and 42.5% answered that "knowledge of major subjects is not enough", indicating that the number of re-learning that is required is increasing.The overwhelming majority of science and engineering graduates were in the information field, including programming and statistics, at 35.3%.

 The online course itself is highly evaluated by more than 8%, but while the number of learners in the world has increased rapidly to more than 5,800 million, the number of learners in Japan is only about 2017 as of the end of September 9, and it is still The low level of recognition in Japan has become an issue.

reference:[NTT Com Research] Survey results on university openness (2017)

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