Kyushu University, Fukuoka Airport Building (Fukuoka City, President Wataru Aso), Fujitsu Laboratories (Kawasaki City, President Hideyuki Saso) have started a demonstration experiment to find a solution using mathematical technology to alleviate congestion at Fukuoka Airport. I did.We will continue until August next year to confirm by simulation what kind of facility expansion and system introduction will be effective.

According to the announcement by Kyushu University, the purpose of this demonstration experiment is to eliminate congestion in the international departure procedure at Fukuoka Airport.There are four departure procedures for international flights: checked baggage inspection, check-in, security inspection, and departure inspection. If all of these are completed, you will not be able to board a passenger plane. If you wait repeatedly in four procedures, passenger satisfaction will be greatly reduced, so build a mathematical model and arrive at the airport, the number of counters and lanes to perform various procedures, service time per person, etc. Is entered as data.By simulating, the waiting time for each procedure, the actual time taken, and customer satisfaction are calculated.
In addition, we will simulate how waiting times and customer satisfaction will change due to changes in counters and lanes, and the introduction of an inline screening system, and will find a solution.

In the future, we plan to use mathematical technology to find effective improvement measures for congestion mitigation measures in procedures such as checked baggage inspection and check-in, and security systems in airports.

* Inline screening system A system that automatically checks security by simply handing over checked baggage at the airline counter along with check-in.

Source:[Kyushu University] Kyushu University, Fukuoka Airport Building, and Fujitsu Research Institute start demonstration experiments to improve passenger satisfaction (PDF)

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