Toyohashi University of Technology's Robocon Club (Team name: Toyohashi ☆ Robocon's) held the "NHK Student Robocon 2022-ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon Representative Selection" held on June 6, 12 (Sun). It was decided to participate in the "ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest" as a representative of Japan.

 "NHK Student Robocon 2022" is a competition where university students from all over the country compete for technical skills and ideas with robots produced in collaboration with a team.This year's tournament was held at the Ota Ward General Gymnasium in Tokyo, and 16 teams from all over the country who passed the pre-selection participated.

 The competition is based on the game "Lagori" in India, which is divided into two teams, each of which uses two robots to stack columnar towers and get in the way to compete for points.

 Toyohashi University of Technology and Kanazawa Institute of Technology advanced the pieces to the finals.Toyohashi University of Technology "Toyohashi ☆ Robocons" won the championship while avoiding the opponent's attack and steadily scored, and participated in the "ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest" scheduled to be held online in August 2022. Was decided.

 Rintaro Konno (4th year of mechanical engineering course), the director of the Robocon Club, said, "I'm really happy to be able to get the best results with a robot that has been working hard for half a year. We would like to utilize our strengths. We will continue to manufacture robots that can win, so please support us. "He said the joy of winning and the enthusiasm for the next tournament.

Reference: [Toyohashi University of Technology] "NHK Student Robocon 2022" ABU Robocon Club won the ABU Asia-Pacific Robocon Representative Selection Committee. -"ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest" participation decision! !! ~ (PDF)

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