The Ministry of Finance has expressed its opposition to the Abe administration's full free university education at the Fiscal System Council.If nothing is done, it may be a mere management support for universities that are running in the red or under capacity, and is demanding that the free of charge be limited to low-income children.

 According to the materials submitted by the Ministry of Finance to the Fiscal System Council, Japan's public finance spending on education is pointed out to be the lowest level in OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) member countries. Looking at the ratio per student, 1% is second only to 34% in the UK, and he pointed out that the situation is not comparable to that in other countries.

 He also said that the university entrance rate and bachelor's degree retention rate are at a high level internationally, and that the burden reduction should be limited to low-income children who really need support.It is said that the full free of charge will benefit high-income children and will not lead to the elimination of disparities.At the same time, he also argues that the system should be designed so that the free of charge does not end with supporting universities that run in the red.

 There is concern about the elimination of disparities because it is assumed that the system of advance payment, in which the government takes over the tuition fee once and then repays it according to the income of the person after graduation, is applied regardless of the income of the parents. Insisted.Since the work of tracking the annual income after graduation becomes complicated, there is also a problem in the possibility of realization.

 In FY2016, the amount of special subsidies for the unique efforts of universities reached 166 billion yen at private universities with less than the capacity, almost doubling compared to FY2012.For this reason, we urged universities that do not recognize management improvement to abolish subsidies.

Paper information:[Ministry of Finance] Financial system subcommittee (held on October 29, 10) List of materials

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